About Us

We're on a mission unlike any other...

Here at Caviar, we want to change the face of the sales and marketing sector. We’re experts in providing new twists on traditional marketing techniques. We’re all about creativity, and we’re passionate about creating bespoke campaigns that match the personalities of our clients while providing the luxury, caviar aspect to each of our efforts.

Caviar’s primary mission is to stand out from the crowd. We’re all about going back to the basics and the importance of face-to-face campaigns! We believe that we differ from other agencies due to our energy, vision, and determination to provide long lasting and memorable experiences.

We strive to keep excitable energy evident in each of our campaigns; understanding that this is important at all levels of our business from the in-house development of our brand ambassadors to our CEO’s leadership style. Caviar is a sales and marketing firm like you’ve never seen, and we’re eager to show you exactly what we mean!

We’re determined to change the face of the industry, fed up with impersonal and boring marketing campaigns. We’re ready to start something new, and we’re hoping you’ll come along for the ride.

Flexible Campaigns to Suit all Industries

Non Profit and Charity

Our face to face campaigns allow your brand to be present, sensitive and in the moment; ensuring you form real emotional connections with your audience.

Technology and Communications

Our pop-up campaigns break through technical jargon and ensure your customers fully understands the best products and services for their needs.

Food and Drink

Want to really bring those flavors to life? Our interactive presentations let your products do the talking and are a great way of making a lasting impact on your audience.


Our in-person campaigns put the consumer in control, allowing them the opportunity to voice any questions and develop confidence in your financial solutions.


Every customer is unique. and our pop up promotions are specially developed to recognise these differences and help consumers identify how the brands we represent align with their passions and interests.


With energy bills continuing to rise across the country, we’ll help you reach out to consumers and educate them on the right tariffs for their needs.

The Caviar Way.

Just like Caviar is judged on its color, flavor and texture, we’re asking you to judge us on our personable expertise, skills set and ability to create real and long-lasting consumer relationships for your brand.
With a wealth of experience behind us, Caviar is excited to use our knowledge and expertise to educate future industry leaders and create a more vibrant industry. We’re bored of the usual corporate culture and are looking to inject our own personality and philosophy into our client’s campaigns.
We take on a number of factors when generating a strategy for our clients, understanding that each element is unique to them. We’re passionate about creating bespoke campaigns that will maximize sales.

As specialists in direct sales, we take a strong focus on conducting market research, campaign development, brand exposure, event hosting, account management and generating a lasting and loyal consumer base.
Caviar focuses on face-to-face marketing as we believe this is the only real way to build a relationship, we lead conversations on your brand with consumers, understanding their needs, wants and expectations to ensure that when you decided to outsource your sales and marketing, you made the best decision for your business.

What we value

Ready to dig a little deeper into the Caviar way of thinking? 

Here at Caviar, we are dedicated to upholding company values that resonate with both our brand ambassadors and our clients. We understand that the following values define who we are and what we stand for. They are evident in every element of our business.

We hope that our company values provide insight into Caviar, detailing our connection to the delicacy. Traditional with a frequent element of innovation, unique and a little extravagant…

Destroy the Norm

Caviar is a uniquely exciting brand, we are dedicated to destroying misconceptions about the sales and marketing industry. We align ourselves with generating vibrant and engaging campaigns and a productive environment for our contractors.

Embrace and Drive Change

We focus on the traditional, yet we also incorporate this into innovation. We are passionate about leading the industry, seeking new and exciting ways to update our campaigns on a constant basis.

Extensive Support in All We Do

Caviar is a support-focused company; we lift one another up and often describe ourselves as a family. We learn from one another, grow and develop as a collective. If one member of the pack is struggling, we are there to guide and assist.

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