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Caviar celebrates huge Black Friday success

By 29th November 2018 No Comments

Sales and marketing experts, Caviar has been reveling in the success of this year’s Black Friday weekend, having exceeded huge targets on a number of their campaigns. One of the busiest retail weekends in the year in the US has now become a world-wide phenomenon and Caviar is keen to reveal strategies for their success.

In the event that sees almost a quarter of shoppers keen to camp out in anticipation, a few days that result in nearly a fifth of holiday sales and the only decline in sales for this period during the 2008 recession – the stakes are high.

Caviar frequently breaks targets during this weekend, and 2018 has proved no different with them exceeding all expectations for one of their telecommunications clients. ‘Black Friday is a weekend that no marketing agency can afford to miss out on, particularly in the US. These few days are a great way to make not only great sales but also acquire new customers looking to build lasting relationships with brands, it’s pivotal to capitalize on,’ stated a spokesperson for Caviar.

2003 saw Black Friday crowned of the busiest shopping day of the year, with it yet to relinquish the title. The event covers four days, following Thanksgiving and leading into what is now deemed ‘Cyber Monday’. Caviar urges companies to prepare for the event in advance to ensure they can capitalize on the frenzy as much as possible.

Establish Analytics / ‘Black Friday is a great way to monitor your sales statistics, it’s a perfect time to research your audience, who bought the most and of what service or product – this will help in the long run-up to the following year,’ continued the spokesperson. Caviar recognizes that the insurgence of consumers during this period could differ from the norm, and these are now new customers. To nurture these relationships and build loyalty Caviar solidifies the importance of knowing these consumers inside-out.

Personalization / Caviar specializes in face-to-face sales and marketing, and a crucial element of this is personalization for the customer, proving invaluable during the period of Black Friday frenzy. ‘During this phase it’s essential that each customer feels that they’re the most important individual in that room, although necessary during every transaction it remains pivotal during the chaos of this retail weekend.’

Caviar’s primary mission is to stand out from the crowd. They’re all about going back to the basics and the importance of face-to-face campaigns. They believe that they differ from other agencies due to their energy, vision, and determination to provide long lasting and memorable experiences.


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