Entrepreneur Day Celebration

Caviar celebrates national entrepreneur day

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Caviar is an enterprise built on the foundation of entrepreneurial spirits, and as such took the opportunity to celebrate this year’s national entrepreneurial day, held on the third Tuesday in November across the US.

Entrepreneur day was initially the brainchild of David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos, first thought of in 2010. The event is held annually on the final day of global entrepreneurship week during entrepreneur month. The holiday gained traction after being enforced and discussed by President Barack Obama.

‘This day is a great excuse for us to celebrate the achievements and dreams of all professionals at Caviar. Every day we are helping to nurture their entrepreneurial spirits, and a day like this helps to solidify our efforts,’ declared Gavin Walsh, CEO of Caviar.

Caviar has produced a unique development program which is aimed at building skills and abilities acquired by all successful entrepreneurs – eager to continue to create successful business owners. ‘The route of entrepreneurship has gained significant traction in recent years, with people seeing this as a viable option over traditional career routes. That’s a mindset that we’re fueling here at Caviar, and a national day such as this is a great source of celebration,’ continued the business owner.

Caviar is based in Miami, South Florida of which researchers at the Kauffman Foundation found to be the number 1 entrepreneurial inclined area amongst the largest 40 metropolitan neighborhoods in the US, a statistic that Caviar was not surprised to hear.

‘Being based in Miami we have found that the most driven aspiring entrepreneurs are in our city, and that’s why we’re so proud to offer development and guidance in this area, we want to continue to contribute to this statistic over the next few years, ’ continued Mr Walsh.

Caviar offers more than the corporate 9-5, providing an opportunity to escape the four bland walls and stuffy cubicles of regular sales and marketing agencies. They provide a unique environment for their contractors to gain real experience in the public sphere that breeds creativity.

Caviar is continually looking for individuals seeking experience in the sales and marketing sector that are not made for the traditional corporate route. They want professionals searching for a company that is focused on shaking things up and making an impact. The firm can be reached via email on info@wearecaviar.com




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