Caviar supports statistic of 79% goal achievement when offering rewards

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Researchers at Think Smart found that companies using incentive programs reported upwards of 79% in goal achievement, and ultimate employee satisfaction. Caviar has responded to these reports in light of running their own international reward in the coming weeks.

Caviar is currently running an incentive that will see them take their top performers to an exclusive hotel in the Dominican Republic, for an all-expenses-paid R&R. The agency organized this impressive incentive after finding out that 65% of employees prefer alternatives to cash incentives (Incentive Marketing Association). The marketing specialists have released their statement in response to a Forbes article on the subject of incentivizing individuals, for the benefit of both professionals and business.

A statement from Dean Miles spokesperson for Bridgeport Coaching & Strategy Group detailed the importance of recognition alongside incentives – an opinion Caviar wholeheartedly supports. Caviar defines an incentive as something that motivates individuals and actively gives out recognition along the course of the competition in order to help individuals stay motivated.

Judi Rhee from Alloway, Imagine Leadership LLC explores the concept that incentives need to be customized in order to be effective, particularly at larger enterprises. Caviar frequently opens communication amongst their workforce, and has time after time found travel to be a key motivator behind meeting objectives.

Caviar is eager to contribute to statistics by AttaCoin that found that up to 90% of employees working in larger organizations with strong reward programs agreed with the declaration that ‘my work makes a difference’.

Caviar understands that the driving force behind their campaigns is their collective of excitable brand ambassadors, they’re passionate about providing them with the skills and qualities they need to create memorable experiences for consumers while keeping them invigorated and excited about the journey.

Caviar offers more than the corporate 9-5, providing an opportunity to escape the four bland walls and stuffy cubicles of regular sales and marketing agencies. They provide a unique environment for their professionals to gain real experience in the public sphere that breeds creativity. Any individuals seeking more information about Caviar and their current opportunities can reach the firm via their website.



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