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Caviar urges Businesses to think of their Company as a Competitive Sport

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Direct marketing agency Caviar is urging other companies to look to their own businesses as a competitive team – would they qualify for the playoffs?

In an industry where up to 95% of Fortune 500 CEOs and Managing Directors have a history of some form of competitive sport, Caviar has released a statement on why they’re urging companies to look to the yearly business cycle as a competitive sport.

Labor Day Weekend: This period in the business cycle kicks off the year and provides an opportunity for companies to reflect on the previous twelve months argues Caviar. This period within the year is a time to define company dynamics and culture, studying a ‘game plan’ from the previous year – does it need modification? This ‘postseason’ period of the year is a pivotal moment that requires sincere reflection.

September: Caviar advises using this time to plan and solidify goals and objectives for the next year, in terms of the business as a whole, and professionals as individuals. The remainder of this ‘postseason’ month is to be spent planning, learning and above all, practicing.

Regular Season: This bulk period of the year will pose many obstacles and challenges, genuinely testing the dedication of the team. The end of this season should provide a sense of unity across the business, eager to push forward to the ‘championships’ with strong leadership and excitement.

Championships: This final push of the year is a chance for businesses to really spread their wings declares Caviar. At this point in the year, companies will grow as a team and overcome their final challenges of the year ready to start the cycle once again.

“We believe that thinking of the business year as a competitive sport is a refreshing way to approach the industry. We know that sports and business share many attributes, and this unique approach to maximizing success is proving to be extremely fruitful for us here at Caviar,” declared Gavin Walsh, CEO of Caviar.

Caviar is Miami’s loudest direct sales and marketing agency, based in the heart of the city they are eager to share their years of experience with budding entrepreneurs beginning to start their journey within the industry.



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