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Caviar explores their understanding of Customer Buying Experience

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Sales and Marketing Experts, Caviar declare that marketing agencies should be focusing on consumer buying habits. The firm is eager to explore how this is essential in genuinely selling products or services to today’s savvy and bargain-seeking customer.

A recent survey found that over half of today’s shoppers have admitted to abandoning their carts in the last three months, citing a variety of reasons that could be remedied with a proper understanding of the consumer’s needs and wants from their regular purchasing experience.

Recognize critical players / Caviar has described the importance of understanding the key players in the buying experience, who is making primary decisions and who has final say. The firm gives the examples of young families, although the parents may be the one with the funds, it is often the children who have a strong say in such decisions and identifying this is the first step in marketing to improve purchase numbers.

What motivates the buyer? / CEO at Caviar, Gavin Walsh has described the importance of capitalizing on the motivations of consumers to ensure sales remain high, “Elements that drive our customer’s buying habits are essential to understand, if you truly know your customer you are able to target aspects that really resonate with them. This can often range from environmental, social or personal concerns, here at Caviar we make it our mission to become experts in how we can help these worries.”

Recognize the dominant buying style / Caviar explains how many consumer buying styles can vary across a spectrum, however recognizing the most dominant can help to market to the more substantial majority. These preferred buying styles can range from a desire for personalization to a need for solutions to everyday concerns. It is rarely a ‘one size fits all’ type of model.

Caviar is the Miami-based direct sales and marketing agency that are able to boast a number of years within the industry, and are eager to share their musings on the consumer buying experience. The firm is keen to depict the importance of recognizing consumer buying habits and experiences to ultimately market to consumers, effectively.

CEO at the firm, Mr Walsh is passionate about providing unique marketing solutions for the company’s diverse clientele, “We know that no two customers are the same, and shouldn’t be looked to as such. It is important for marketing agencies to recognize this and ensure their campaigns reflect the diversity of the consumer landscape.”


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