Meet the Squad

Gavin Walsh


(The Creator)
  • From Huddersfield, Yorkshire
  • Favorite snack is a chocolate Clif Bar
  • First job was as a professional Soccer (aka Football) player
  • ┬áProud dad of a Frenchie (Roxy) and a Yorkie (Walshy Jr).

Dan Coolican


(The Energy)
  • Also from Yorkshire
  • Favorite snack is a dragon fruit
  • Formerly in the British Military

Matthew Clark

Assistant Director

(The Logic)
  • From Miami
  • Favorite snack is Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Obtained his degree in architecture from FIU

Barbara Soranzo

Assistant Director

(The Athlete)
  • From Brazil
  • Favorite snack is a bag of gummy bears
  • Came to the US on a D1 volleyball scholarship

David Yegiyan

Assistant Director

(The Character)
  • From Boston
  • Favorite snack is a bag of original Baked Lays
  • Speaks 3 languages fluently, English, Russian, and Armenian.

Nina Dispenza

HR Connoisseur

(The Brains)
  • From New York
  • Favorite snack is popcorn
  • Proud dog mom of a toy Maltese named Gizmo